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Russia, Tajikistan, France,

2016 Documentary, 68 min.

Director: Anna Moiseenko

Cast: Abdumamad Bekmamadov

This documentary has been lived and performed by its protagonist Abdulmamad Bekmamadov - Abdul, who came to Russia from Tajikistan in search of a job. Abdul takes traditional Pamirian tunes and turns them into striking account of his hard days in Moscow. He has'nt seen his wife and children for 10 years, they live far from him in snow-covered Pamir mountains. One episode after another, Abdul combines different scenes from his real life into a ballad - poetic story about Odysseus of our days.
Grand Prix of the CIS countries festival Eurasia.doc, Jury Award at the festival "Window to Europe". The film has been shown at several international film festivals such as États généraux du documentaire in France, GoEast in Germany, "Artdocfest", the largest documentary film festival in Russia, International Documentary Film Festival "Flahertiana" in Perm.
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